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Download Wellenreiter

Check using MD5 that you don't use modified files please.


Perl/Gtk Flavour:

Version MD5 Filename
1.9 d8d3d10723f80c292e4dae4c14a2e4a7 Wellenreiter-v1.9.tar.gz
1.8 d128f8e15aeb4e1036f4b29060993c76 Wellenreiter-v1.8.tar.gz
1.6 c48645b910d347092de5944265c8c5b9 Wellenreiter-v16.tar.gz
1.5 87cfe6cb838535dab66be348aed40228 Wellenreiter-v15.tar.gz
1.4 5ae8ce04eb4d8e52cee7570d75ee2b40 Wellenreiter-v14.tar.gz
1.3 3db79499e559be6a9104bac063522d02 Wellenreiter-v13.tar.gz


C++/Opie Flavour (For handhelds like Zaurus):

Version Filename

II 1.0 RC2

Wellenreiter ipkg feed

C++/Qt Flavour (for Linux and Unices with X11):

Version Filename

II 1.0 RC2

Wellenreiter II X11 source code


CVS Access

Our cvs is accessable at cvs.handhelds.org, if you want the C++ flavour. Due to the fact, that the perl version will be replaced by the C++ version, we don't provide a cvs for that anymore. You can get older cvs data still in cvs.sourceforge.net cvs.