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2005-03-14 - Well i just like to post some info after about a year of nothing. Wellenreiter had some evolution the last
	     years, but not on the common source. The Auditor Security Collection toolkit contains a much newer version. But
             i currently think about to port it now to GTK2 to keep up with evolution and to give it new features. But
             i dont promis anything.

2004-04-29 - Some news about the status of this project: Wellenreiter II is not dead.
             At least the version for Qt/Embedded based systems is being actively developed
             by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer. The current version is 1.0.2 and the most recent
             information and downloads are found at http://www.Vanille.de. We would like
             to also update this page but we are lacking resources. If there is anyone
             interested in maintaining the Wellenreiter.net home page, then contact us.

             The next Wellenreiter II version for X11 is still under developing. I expect
             to have a release out next month.

2003-02-01 - Wellenreiter II 1.0 RC-2 has been released for Linux and X11-based Unices.